Handwriting on everything

I do write/make everything on here so please don’t remove/change the source. Likewise please don’t alter, edit or reuse posts, at all, unless we’ve spoken about it. I think that’s a pretty fair thing to ask, I get through a lot of ink and paper.

Do you always write like this?

Yup, My shopping lists look exactly the same. It only gets sloppy when I have exams”

What font do you use (for handwritten posts)?

I don’t use a font, everything is handwritten by me!

What pens do you use?

Sharpie pens, parker vectors. Something very black and gel/ink like. Not too fibrous and smooth as I press my pen so hard.


Do you take requests?


Do you make everything on this blog?


Where are you from?


I’m crap with tumblr, I try to answer messages and requests but they do build up, so sorry if I seem ignorant, I’m really not, just busy. If you really want me to see something, tag hellyeahjustlikethat and I’ll definitely see it.