Thanks hellyeahjustlikethat for letting my sister ( darpdilys ) and I use your lettering as our tattoo. The tattoo artist raved about how nice the writing was. And it turned out great! Thanks again :D

CUTE!! I still find it so crazy when people actually get things inked on them. As ever, I’m honoured that you used one of my posts and thank you so much for posting a photo.

Tattoo Requests

I’ve written and sent out 15 today. I hate that I have so little time to blog, it sucks. Anyway, if you wish to request something for a tattoo, in return I ask for a picture. I think it’s fair as some of these have taken a while to do and I am doing them just as a kind thing to do :)

Thank you!

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Photograph- Andrea Gibson

Saw this on my dash and it has been in my head all day since.

I always think of you on your birthday..

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all of them..

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