Handwriting on everything

you do,

I do.

I’m currently in the ‘sneaky hate spiral’ that is staying in bed and not facing the world, thus fucking things up in the process. I type this in the hope that acknowledging the situation will somehow motivate the giant ‘heavy winter duvet’ feeling of anxiety, to lift super quickly. It feels so much safer when you stay under the duvet, because that means sleep and ‘yay’ sleep means hours of avoidance. It’s also causing a huge amount of trouble for me in the working world and hampering any social ambitions I can muster, even on my better days. If you could drown in thoughts, I’d already have done so. I’m tired and I’m trying to trick myself into being hopeful.

To Catherine,

..Love Theodore.
I just love the way she writes.

People keep asking where I am and why I’m not posting much/at all right now, which is lovely of you to ask so I thought I’d send out a bigger post just to let people know

I love, love, love doing my blog and I’ll be back really soon. I’m working 12 hour shifts and I’ve just taken the exams I couldn’t take last year due to my Gramps and Auntie passing away. To top it off I’ve had a huge bout of anxiety recently and the boy is miles away so when I’m not at working I’m either skyping him or sleeping.

I will be back soon with new posts and I’ll dedicate a lot of time to catch up on requests like I used to do most evenings! There’s 100’s of messages and obviously I can’t do them all but I’ll do my best to make a big dent in the numbers. 

Thank you for asking and as always thank you for following.

Lots of Love, Light, and Luck. x

Wait, when did I grow up?


I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.